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shadow man

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shadow of a man entering a pub, with the low sun behind him ..




Panto getting ready

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actors backstage at a pantomime getting ready ,


getting ready

b/w farmer

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found this on an old hard drive its the owner of some land where they used to go motor bike scrambling and its the first pic on a roll of HP 5 400 asa i was using to cover the racing for some motorbike newspaper ( think it’s since gone off to the great font in the sky )  was either taken on my F3 or F4e more than likely my F3 as i alway had my 35mm lens on it …



fuji pro 1

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took these on my fuji x pro 1 the other day first time i had used it to do a portrait ,normally use it when i do dancers and have to be quite ,

taken at F1.4  1/60 200 asa on a 35mm lighting was from a window at her side with a small lamp on the floor behind her. the second pic i used a couple of effect on from nik filters


blue eyes


high contrast

red wig-green screen

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a couple of pics from the red wig exhibition i’am working on , used a green material to cover the top of the wig to give the hood of a cape type thing , then run the pic when it was ready thought a green screen program …and change the cape design …also did one b/w with a hint of colour

green screen

red wig 1

red wig


red wig


green screen still life

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I had a little play around with a green screen the other day, finished up using the stairs pic , but you name it I tried it from deep space to roaming animals

was fun doing it , but just like the stairs in the end …o and the range finder still works like a dream

still life



up the ladder

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scanned this neg in the other day it was taken at a job where we had to snap two pilots with the plane in the background , I’m just awaiting my turn to climb up the ladder to take a pic, may i point out in the true spirit of friendship, no one pass his camera up to him 🙂 it’s the little things that used to help pass the time on some jobs  ….

ladder photo

up the ladder

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