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small child with back drop

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a small child with a backdrop designed for another job, had great fun doing these pics odd for a shoot as i got loads of pics from it ,but these are a couple of my favourite from it ,all i did was  just let her get on with it and press the button on my camera …. used natural light from the window to her left (backdrop by Hayler and AJ )

small child

who me


with cake

small child

being a vampire



plastic face and pipe

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I’ve had a face mask lying around for ages wondering what to do with it , then had a light bulb moment … so stuck it too my bathroom wall with tape , put a snoot on the flash (Nikon sb28) set it to 1/64 power , and hung a bit of  toilet paper (it was handy) over the front of the snoot , pipe is my shower pipe ,:-)

plastic face with pipe

face and pipe

jazz boy playing his music

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this is an old picture I re-found (crap filing system) took it on my Nikon f3 and if I remember right my 35mm F2, was a very lucky picture to get, I just happen to walk by a gap in a parking garage and saw he practising on his toy saxophone for a video shoot going on further up,by the next frame he has seen me …

jazz boy playing blues music

boy play jazz on a toy saxophone

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