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red wig-green screen

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a couple of pics from the red wig exhibition i’am working on , used a green material to cover the top of the wig to give the hood of a cape type thing , then run the pic when it was ready thought a green screen program …and change the cape design …also did one b/w with a hint of colour

green screen

red wig 1

red wig


red wig



near kew bridge on the thames

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well still scanning negs in ,will it never end, and too my surprise come across these two negs ,the pictures were taken on a ZENIT-B SLR camera near Kew Bridge not sure of the film more than likely it was HP5 or Tri-x …had the habit of carrying Zenit B around with me or leaving it in the car ready to use in case i saw something ….





last portrait for ww1

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well this is the last portrait for the WWI project I’ve been working on ,sorry if its been bit of hit and miss posting stuff up here but been ill over the last couple months. anyway last portrait to be done ready for the exhibition on WWI in October from the 3rd to the 11th ,

ww1 woman



Blackpool trams HDR

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couple of pics of the trams on blackpool sea front at sunset done in HDR and two of people walking along the front  enjoying a walk






tram HDR


tram HDR sunset

couple by river

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couple standing by a river

oap couple


vin de table au hangar

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vin de table au hangar (wine in a shed )

wine vin

table wine

lucky shot

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took this the other day and it’s what you call a lucky picture , was standing talking to someone with camera in my hand by my side , and heard a man behind me say ,ready one two go , so turn the camera in my hand around and pressed the shutter button , and this is the result… wouldn’t like to try it again


up we go


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