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child pre-gadget days

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pic of a child playing with a simple toy ,before it was all electronic toys and tablets, one of the joys of scanning negs in from years ago is i come across some pics of a simple times, and scanning negs in is still boring ,up to around 10,000 so far..yeah me…

child with toy



a lucky shot

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Found this picture the other day when I was scanning in some negs from years ago, bit of a Kodak moment … had been sent to take a picture of the street art in a town Centre, but there were to many people around to get a clean shoot of it, so by some luck and fluttering of the eyes, (yip photographer can be tarts when it suits them) I got access to a roof four storey up that over looked the art work, and start to take pics of the picture, when the crowd part and left this boy standing there eating his ice cream got 3 frames off before it all changed again…taken on an Nikon F3 with an 80-200 f2.8 and according to the words on the side of the frame its a Kodak film …any way one of my lucky pics from years ago




Baby WW1 project

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this photograph is number 3 in a WWI project I’m working on taken using natural light from a window ,  125 sec F1.8 200asa 85mm

made the dressing up for it  loads of fun and that includes the fake blood that got every where , and lots of chocolate for her ,her mum and me…o yes and she my 4yrs 45 days old granddaughter , ….good fun was had

baby ww1 project


initiateYDC dancers milton keynes

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3 dancers from initiateYDC Milton Keynes which is a youth dance company based at ARTS1 in linford wood mk, doing some PR pics for the WWI banner workshop that is held in westbury arts centre

dancers mk

ww1 banner

first street

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these pics are among the first street pictures i took, both were taken in Preston in the 60s (feel so old-looking at them)  one is of a children in a street who was watching me taken pics in the street ,the other is of a woman leaving a railway station ,and if i remember correctly taken from the hip ,, found some more from that time and it really strange-looking at them ,the way people dress and more so the lack of cars on the streets , will have to jog my grey matter and see if i can recall what camera i had …



girl station



french market

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couple of pics from a french market





Blackpool trams HDR

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couple of pics of the trams on blackpool sea front at sunset done in HDR and two of people walking along the front  enjoying a walk






tram HDR


tram HDR sunset

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