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nikon d800

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well brought a Nikon d800 the other day and these are a couple of test pics from , brought it as one of my other camera’s is getting worn out ,was a choice between this and a d4 ,thought i would go for a higher mb sensor , took them with a 108 1.8 at 100 asa using natural light , tried my 50mm at 1,8 and they were really soft , about to try my 35mm 2.8 on it as the lens is over 35 years old will be interesting to see the results from it, ..so far the only draw back is the size so used to full size dslr sitting in the palm of my hand keep putting my focus hand to high , so may have to buy the battery pack to put on, yet to work out the movie side of it,may help if i read the book that come with it :-))) also found out i need to buy more memory for my mac as the files are 103mb for each pic as i always shoot raw..wonder if Nikon give discount on memory from mac, (hint wink wink) :-)))

nikon d800


nikon d800



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