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green screen and time lapse

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well been working on an idea for a couple of weeks and finally finished it , its two dancers called Chris and Effie who kindly help me out by doing the dancing in a very small space 10 ft wide by 3 ft deep

green screen set

the set


the video was made using imovie and stop frame photography , the camera was link to a program called sofortbild ( only works on mac with nikon) and set to a frame a sec , and framed to have a slight over lap , used a tripod (one of the few times i use one) to keep a fixed point and lit by 5 250 watt light bulbs ,two at the side to fill in the back of the green screen , and two in front to high lite the dancers and one over head pointing up and using the ceiling to reflect the light back down ,

the music was played in a loop to help the dancers keep a rhythm, once the images were captured they were put though adobe photoshop , picked one frame to work on and set an action up to record everything i did to the frame , then selected all the frames i wanted and let the action do the rest , used stylize in the filters which turns the green to black and gives the neon outline. used nik software to turn some frames to b/w . then run all the frames though a program called time lapse assembler to make short movies ,to import in to imovie , think the movie took around 3000 images ,

if you try it leave lots of time for editing and have lots of coffee and cream cakes near by,or that could be just me  , any way hope you like it

movie link   http://gallery.me.com/legge1#100917

Dancers:  Chris Bradley <mrcjbradley@gmail.com>  Effie McGuire Ward <effiemcguireward@clara.co.uk>


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